2016 California
Employment Law Update

New Year, New Laws, New Requirements

Every year, LawRoom's team of lawyers select what they believe to be the most relevant laws to employers in California. This interactive resource updates employers on the new employment laws for 2016 and reviews important developments from 2015.

This interactive Employment Law Update includes:

  • Summaries and analyses of key provisions from 20 new laws
  • 24 LawRoom Briefings that highlight state and national legal trends
  • Survey responses from employer peers around the nation
  • A tally of employment law cases in court, their subjects and success rates

By reviewing the 2016 California Employment
Law Update, you will gain:

  • Understanding of new laws that affect your company and work life
  • An enhanced ability to preempt workplace issues before they escalate
  • Educational entertainment from infographics, survey results and intuitive quizzes